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BreakOut – Scholarships and grants

BreakOut is the most extensive online information collection of New Zealand scholarships, awards, and grants. The funding information is for students, researchers, sports people, artists and other individuals looking to fund their personal and professional development.

BreakOut lists over 3400 schemes that cover various areas of funding, and we add about five to ten new schemes to BreakOut every week. The funding listed on BreakOut comes from many sources, including universities, government departments, trusts, and businesses. Information is provided on eligibility criteria, closing dates, application processes, and funder contact details.

You can search BreakOut to find the best scholarships, awards, or grants for you. The database search results can be tailored to individuals by specific search criteria, such as ethnicity, gender, or disability. You can also search BreakOut alphabetically by the name of a scheme or by closing date.

BreakOut – Scholarships and Grants NZ is also on Facebook, which is a great place for people to give us feedback and ask questions.

Members Access

Members of the Somali Graduate Website have free access to this data. Go to the main page and longin or join if you are not a member already. Membership criteria apply.

Public Access

There are many public access sites throughout New Zealand where you can use BreakOut free of charge. Check the map for public access in your region or ask at your local library.


A lot of universities, polytechnics, and secondary schools provide access to BreakOut for their students.

Information about the Funding Information Service


BreakOut was created and is maintained by the Funding Information Service, a not-for-profit, incorporated society established in 1992. We are registered with the Charities Commission with the registration number CC21448.