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Yussuf Ahmed

ahmedName:              Yussuf Ahmed (Qays)

Qualification:    Masters of International Law and International Relations

Institution:        Canterbury University

Position:           Citizenship Officer

Employer:        Department of Internal Affairs (Wellington).

I have had the opportunity to live and study in Christchurch, a truly beautiful and lively city that did not deserve the tragic events caused by the devastating earthquake. My best wish is with the city and its people. Today, more than anything else, the invaluable knowledge and skills which I have gained through years as a student is what I am using at workplace. It is my armor giving me the needed confidence knowing that I can survive and be happy and successful in a completely different and a very challenging environment. It is very difficult to emphasis how and where my studies prepared me for my current job. If nothing else, I learned the basics of what it takes to be a qualified and successful leader in the workforce. More importantly, however, it taught me how to network, time manage, work towards deadlines while under pressure and liaise with multiple stakeholders. Life as a student sets up every individual for success by preparing in the classroom for the challenges of the real world.

My advice to every student out there is to never give up hope and never stop achieving what you would want to achieve in the long term. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to keep in mind that it takes time and the challenge starts afresh after you finish your studies. That is when you come to the real world and there you have different challenges to deal with and many obstacles to overcome. Strength of character, resilience and taking the long-view is vital at this stage. The challenge of looking for work and the frustration that your hard work at University deserves to be recognized are sometimes hard to deal with. Regardless of all these, your opportunity will come along. The most important thing is: Whatever study path you pick, make sure you are committed to the hard work. It should be clear in your mind as a student that “At least 70% of what you get out of your studies is directly related to how much you put in. Be prepared to make things happen on your own – set up study groups, read widely, and engage. If you don’t feel ready to take responsibility for learning on your shoulders, and don’t feel interested or excited by what you study, then don’t waste your time and money for “No one can succeed in a line of endeavour which he/she does not like.”

Thanks you,

Yussuf Ahmed.

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