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Wellington Somali Community

Profile of the Somali Community in Wellington


The Wellington region has about 600 – 700 Somalis. This makes Wellington the third place for Somali settlement in New Zealand following Auckland and Hamilton.


  • Country of origin: Somalia
  • Reason for flight: 1991 civil war in Somalia
  • Countries of first asylum: mainly Kenya and Ethiopia (Most Somalis in New Zealand had lived in these two countries as refugees before arriving here)
  • Religion: Islam
  • Main language: Somali
  • Arrival in New Zealand: through NZ Annual Refugee Quota Programme and family reunification. First wave arrived in 1993
  • Numbers in the region: 600-700
  • Settlement areas:Lower Hutt, Newton (Wellington)


The Wellington Somali Council was incorporated in 2003 to carry out the following objectives:

  • To safeguard ad promote the rights of Somalis in Wellington city.
  • To promote and maintain the cultural, religious and language heritage of the Somali community in Wellington.
  • To co-ordinate programmes and projects deemed essential for the welfare and socioeconomic development of the Somali community.
  • To encourage and offer assistance to Somali youth to excel in education and sports activities.
  • To provide assistance to Somali families to understand legal, social and economic issues as a means of advancing social integration.
  • To work towards building a sound relationship, understanding and cooperation among Somali community in New Zealand.
  • To play a critical role in finding solutions to conflicts that may arise within the community and the Council.
  • To identify community needs and explore potential opportunities and effectively liaise with both government and non-governmental organisations and other ethnic groups.


 Community Activities

The Council runs the following life-skills programmes and services:

    • Advocacy, advice and support in matters relating to immigration, housing, education, employment and other matters
    • After school study centre for children
    • Somali language class for children
    • Holiday programme for children
    • Special events and celebrations such as EID festivals and Somali Independence Day
    • Sport activities for the youth


The current executive committee/Trustees

  1. Faduma Moallin – president
  2. Adam Awad
  3. Fuad Farah
  4. Ahmed Sofe

There are also the roles of a social worker, youth worker and a community development officer employed to help with the delivery of services and programmes of the Council.



Address Details

94 Riddiford St

Newton, Wellington


Postal address

P.O. Box 7160

Newton, Wellington

For more information regarding the activities of the Council visit their website.