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Waikato Student-Group

Waikato Somali Student Association

Vision: Our vision is to support our Somali students and youth on issues relating to their education, career development and personal well-being.


  • Being a focal point or a forum through which the Somali students discuss education matters.
  • Organising graduation ceremonies to showcase and celebrate the success of our Somali students when they graduate.
  • Providing mentoring and information to new students.
  • Installing a can-do attitude in students in high schools (providing motivation to them).
  • Organising annual events such as the Somali education night (and other relevant events) to promote the value of education in our community.
  • Collaborate with other student associations.


Membership is open to any Somali tertiary student in Hamilton who is willing to contribute to the advancement of the association’s goals and objectives.

Management Committee

The management committee of the association is made up of 11 members: 6 executive officers members who are president, vice-president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, events planner and 5 committee members. The management committee is elected by the general student population.


The management committee can appoint an advisor (s) or sub-committees to offer expertise or help with special tasks.


  1. Education forums
  2. Functions (e.g. Eid celebrations, independence day etc.)
  3. Graduation ceremonies
  4. Visit to high schools
  5. Somali student night/launch of Somali graduate journal
  6. Collecting graduate profiles/ Updating student membership
  7. Other activities as identified by the committee