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First Somali medical graduate in New Zealand

Dr. Mona Adam

Dr. Mona Adam

Somali graduates are found in most fields of study but Mona Adam is the first Somali medical graduate in New Zealand. Becoming a doctor was Mona’s childhood dream and she realized that dream when she became the first Somali graduate in 2014. Now working as a doctor at the Northshore Hospital in Auckland, she is proud of her achievement and so are her family and her Somali community. There are others who are following her footsteps including Ahmed Abdille who is 5th year medical student at the school of medicine at the University of Auckland. Both Mona and Ahmed are profiled in our 6th edition of the Somali Graduate Journal which will be available here soon!!
Congratulations to Mona and to all our graduates.


  1. Mansha Allah it’s very pleasing to see that we can achieve what we want in life if we put our mind to it no matter what people say. The Somali community must be very proud to have a female Somali medical graduate

  2. Mashallah May Allah bless you

  3. Masha Allah well done ,proud of you sister !

  4. Congratulations

  5. Congratulations dear sister I’m so proud of you

  6. Am really proud to share this amazing story for Muna congratulations Muna hope u Gona be role modle to all Somali people
    Good luck

  7. Congratulations
    You are in Kiwi land now
    We are a democracy of sorts
    Use your MANA- prestige
    To assist women
    And ensure equality

  8. i really appreciate your efforts; keep on it

  9. Congratulations to Mona and others for her achievements. She will inspire many to follow.

  10. Thanks Prof Ahmed, your encouragement is much appreciated.

  11. really. am proud to have u sister keep moving forward may allah with u

  12. Mashallah congradulation to my sister in law you made us all proud.

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