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Celebration of the Somali Graduate Journal

sgjpicEach year when the Somali Graduate Journal is published, the Somali community likes to make it an event to celebrate and showcase the educational achievements of its members. Likewise the Journal is celebrated at various ethnic and refugee forums including the National Refugee Resettlement Forum. The Somali community is always acknowledged for their tertiary education success at these forums some of which are attended by high ranking officials including Ministers from the Government.


  1. I’m so proud of my Somali people doing well in terms of education aspects, well done to all of the people who have graduate 2012-2013 and those who are about to graduate insha Allah. Just little bit of concern on a certain issue, how come there is only limited individuals on this website, what happen to the people who have graduate last year 2012, and this year 2013?

  2. Hi Farhiyo
    Many thanks for your encouraging words. The 2013 journal profiles 25 graduates who graduated in 2012/13. We hope to profile more graduates in 2014 and the website will be updated accordingly. Once again thanks for your positive comments.

    SGJ Editor

  3. Congrats to all the brothers who have completed their degrees, Brother Saadaq, Abshir, Mohamed, Ahmed, Abdiaziz, Abubakar, and th sisters , we are all proud of you and all your hard work is done, you have graduated. Well, maybe all your hard work isn’t over just yet. Congratulations and good luck!

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