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Ayan Huessein

ayan-hussein-profilepicName: Ayan Huessein 

Year of arrival in New Zealand: 2002 

High School: Refugee camp in Kenya 

Programme of study/qualification gained: Bachelor of Science and Postgraduate in Public Health

Name of tertiary education institution: University of Otago

Place of employment: just finished my postgraduate study  

Education and career choices, achievements and highlights

I always wanted a career in health sciences but little did I know a single elective paper in my final year will completely open a new career path for me. I got fascinated by how social variables such as social class, gender, ethnicity and culture determine the distribution of health and illness within societies. So what better way to learn how health systems are organized and managed and how global forces influence health system performances, than studying Postgraduate in Public Health at OtagoUniversity?

I enjoyed my studies and I am looking forward to doing my Masters in Public Health

Community involvements and interests

I would love to positively contribute to my community in any way possible particularly, promoting healthy lifestyle. I am currently involved in promoting Tertiary Education among our school leavers.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am pleased with how you showcased the achievements of our youth. Keep up the good work
    However, for the sake of credibility please make sure the information is 100% correct. For instance my colleagues who we went to the same high school noticed my profile says highschool in REFUFEE CAMP IN KENYA which is incorrect. I did my highschool in Christchurch, NZ.
    otherwise I commend you to keep up .

  2. Salaam Ayan

    Thank you for pointing out the mistake in your details. I do sincerely apologize for the oversight. However I want to point out that the graduates themselves complete their own details so not sure how completed your profile on your behalf as I wouldn’t change personal details to the submitted profiles. Thank for the encouraging words too – much appreciated. By the way I am currently working on the 7th edition and if you know of any graduates please encourage them to submit their profile. We are in this together as this journal belongs to all of us. Once again apologies and I hope you are well and enjoying the fruits of your education success.

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