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Auckland Somali Community

Profile of the Somali Community in Auckland

Auckland has the biggest Somali community in New Zealand. There are about 1000-1100 Somalis or about 200 families in Auckland.


  • Country of origin: Somalia
  • Reason for flight: 1991 civil war in Somalia
  • Countries of first asylum: mainly Kenya and Ethiopia (most Somalis in New Zealand had lived in these two countries as refugees before arriving here)
  • Religion: Islam
  • Main language: Somali
  • Arrival in New Zealand: through NZ Annual Quota Programme and Family Reunification Category. First wave arrived in 1993
  • Numbers in Auckland: 1000 – 11000
  • Settlement areas: Mt Roskill and Mt Albert suburbs


The Auckland Somali Community Association was incorporated in 1997 to carry out the following objectives for the community:

  • To establish and maintain language programmes in Somali and English;
  • To establish and maintain orientation, educational, Religion, social, cultural, health and budgeting programmes to assist with resettlement in New Zealand and dealing with the Government (central and local) and other organisations and agencies;
  • To provide immigration advocacy and support;
  • To run training programmes to assist the community gain employment;
  • To provide language assistance (interpretation service);
  • To run sports programmes;

Current or recent activities

  • After school study centres for children
  • Adult literacy classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Holiday programme for children
  • Sport activities for youth

 Key executive committee members

  1. Mahad Warsame – president
  2. Dahabo – secretary
  3. Salah Diriye – treasurer

Address Details

61a Winston Road

Mt Roskill


Postal address:

Po Box 27196

Dominion Road, Mt Roskill